How to Invest in Penny Stocks in 2020: Easy Steps

how to invest in penny stocks 2018 penny stock investing learn how to trade best penny stocks cheap stocks penny stock list 2018 included awesome trade alertsDo you really need a secret formula on how to invest in penny stocks profitably? We have run a number of different scenarios to come up with at least one working formula, but we have discovered much more than just a single mathematical entity. For over two decades, the penny stock market was surpassed by the broader market for being a highly volatile and risky investment. Indeed, microcaps (aka penny stocks, cheap stocks, pennies, etc.) are all being treated as capitalization stocks with enormous daily gains, limited disclosure and little liquidity. However, despite all the shortcomings, the bright side of the coin is far better than you think.

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Did you know that top-performing penny stocks are actually well-known companies with huge potential to skyrocket and generate big growth on a daily basis? No? Well, in 2015 I thought that was a joke too, but I accidentally bumped into into a groupmate of mine who was giving a lecture on how to make money by trading penny stocks. He was already a pro at that time and had quit working for a Middle East investment bank right before our MSc studies started. Frankly speaking, he did not catch my attention at first as I had already gone through the bitter experience of trading binary options and forex. I am not a big fan of losing money (as none of us are), but for a moment I thought that would be a great option to recover my losses and challenge myself with a new type of financial market.

Why Penny Stocks And What Are they?

how to invest in penny stocks 2019 penny stock investing learn how to trade best penny stocks cheap stocks penny stock list 2019 included awesome trade alertsPenny stock is a publicly traded security that can be bought at low prices. Different financial institutions including the SEC define a penny stock as one which trades between $1 and $5 per share (and yes, sometimes for pennies, too), entails too much volatility in the market, and is not placed on traditional exchanges. You may ask how safe are these stocks? Well, they are safe enough to generate big gains within relatively short periods of time.

Advantages Of Investing In Penny Stocks.

  • Small investment capital – price per share is very low. No need to invest heavily in penny stocks at the initial stage
  • Top movers – there are many outstanding companies out there that trade for pennies. Industries that will expand in 2020 – cannabis market, pharmaceuticals and crytpos.
  • Public availability – penny stocks are available to the public and can be bought online. Just cross-check the trustworthiness of stock brokers.
  • Volume purchases – low costs enable you to get more stocks at once. Diversify your portfolio holdings with various microcaps.
  • Fast returns – due to high volatility, your stock value can double in just one night. And so do your earnings!
  • No leverage applied – trade your own money and don’t borrow capital from the broker. Leveraged bids may lead to bankruptcy.

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Shall We Trade Penny Stocks on OTC or Traditional Exchange?

how to invest in penny stocks 2019 penny stock investing learn how to trade best penny stocks cheap stocks penny stock list 2019 included awesome trade alertsWhen we hear the word penny stock, the first thing that comes to mind is the legendary movie Wolf of Wall Street. Do you remember how many microcaps they were trading back in 1990s? A huge amount of stocks called Pink Sheets were changing hands primarily on OTC markets. As you may have already guessed, Pink Sheets can’t be listed on major stock exchanges because regulatory norms won’t overlook non-transparent financials and price per share should range range from $0.01 to $5.00

There are many penny stock traders who claim OTC is handling only stocks that are not listed on a national exchange. In other words, these are worse as compared to the NYSE or NASDAQ. However, this statement is not actually correct since there are few factors which I think have helped OTC overtake national exchanges. Check them out below!

Why OTC Can Beat NYSE or NASDAQ?

  • Delisted top-moversNYSE or NASDAQ could remove winning stocks (due to various reasons) from exchanges and place them on the OTC. It’s an excellent chance to get them for a cheap price.
  • Growth potential – comeback stocks could be converted into microcaps with the potential to increase again. When they are available, make sure you investigate and buy them if needed.
  • Bilateral agreement – it helps you save time and money. When you are in a buyer-to-seller deal only (with no agents) you can close out positions much faster.

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How To Invest in Penny Stocks in 2020

how to invest in penny stocks 2019 penny stock investing learn how to trade best penny stocks cheap stocks penny stock list 2019 included awesome trade alertsI have been trading penny stocks for the last three years and, I must say, this business is still being viewed from two sides. They are opposite but true at the same time, following this line of reasoning: incredible returns, luxury lifestyles and wealthy investors on one side and scams rip-offs and wiped out accounts on another. These are two extremes which have led the industry into deep discussions and hasty conclusions.

The first thing that you should remember is that you are dealing with financial markets which are risky investments per se. Penny stocks are terribly volatile securities and big players have most of the aces in their hands. If you don’t respond promptly to extreme price changes, you are doomed to lose all your hard earned money.

Contrariwise, the industry has widened the horizons and offered a marketplace where young and ambitious companies have started their IPO paths and expanded capitalization. Past top-movers are making a comeback and being successfully traded as penny stocks by traders. It is very likely you can turn your short-term investments into something more valuable and tangible. After all, it’s a profitable business, but the message many traders receive is wrong and misleading by giving false/steep statements.

Why I Trade With Microcap Millionaires?

how to invest in penny stocks 2019 penny stock investing learn how to trade best penny stocks cheap stocks penny stock list 2019 included awesome trade alertsEvery solution, each trading plan, or any investment valuation that is made to benefit one’s account must meet certain requirements so as to succeed in penny stock trading. I knew I would not stand against the fight alone and that’s why I am currently trading with Microcap Millionaires as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Without further ado: Matt Morris, the author of Microcap Millionaires, has done a tremendous job on his penny stock newsletter. He has created a plan that helps small-scale investors succeed in day trading penny stocks. Being a pro trader himself, Matt is aware of the challenges and pitfalls rookie traders might be facing at the beginning of their trading careers.

After years of trading stocks on US exchanges, he actually realized that his professional knowledge would help him set up a penny stock trading community site. That’s when Microcap Millionaires went online officially and it still remains #1 across penny stock newsletters available for the general public. Matt has risen above every obstacle and created a truly amazing service. He gives support to all his clients no matter what level of experience they have at the current stage. His service sends out stock alerts, tips, market wraps, hot picks analysis, and much more.

Microcap Millionaires Benefits:

how to invest in penny stocks 2019 penny stock investing learn how to trade best penny stocks cheap stocks penny stock list 2019 included awesome trade alerts

  • Regular penny stock signals sent via email
  • MM live trade room
  • Daily trading reports
  • Shared research on a particular stock
  • Scrutiny to penny stock brokers

Additional Bonuses:

  • Trading videos for beginners
  • FREE e-book on penny stock basics
  • Useful tips on how to invest in penny stocks
  • Best top-moving stocks 2020 list

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Matt Morris’ business has been on float since 2008 and, like many other newsletters across the industry, his service was criticized numerous times for being a scam, fraud and illegal. No doubt, it’s very common to get scammed by many similar services on the internet. In fact, Microcap Millionaires has gone through the fire to defend the honour and transparency of the offered newsletter. Below, I will share my review of MM and why I think they are #1 in the industry. This isn’t biased propaganda, but an inside dismantling. It’s all up to you whether to check on the service legitimacy or surf the internet for alternative products.

The Pros and Cons of Microcap Millionaires

Matt is the sole creator of the MM trading plan based on personal experience and proven records of success. The accuracy ratio of in-the-money trades has reached more than 85% over the last 3 years which helped a lot of subscribers gain and maximize ROI dollars. As mentioned earlier, he sends penny stock alerts to subscribers after conducting research (due-diligence) on a particular company. His picks are worthy to trade!


how to invest in penny stocks 2019 penny stock investing learn how to trade best penny stocks cheap stocks penny stock list 2019 included awesome trade alerts

  • Matt has designed this system for small investors so that you can open up trading accounts with NO minimum deposit requirements.
  • The list of current top-movers can always be found in his weekly reports.
  • Online trading courses for both penny stock and regular stock markets. Plus a community forum where subscribers can talk to each other, share ideas and discuss latest market trends.
  • No PUMP and DUMP scheme, as MM has a large number of subscribers taking positions in line with Mat Morris. Simply put, they actually move those stocks in their favour.
  • No limits on your gains! That all depends on how many alerts and tips you will be following from MM.
  • Cancel your plan at any time to avoid monthly fees.
  • Money back guarantee. A 60-day warranty is in place until you decide to withdraw from the course. No free trials available, but you can get a Stock Pick Report 2020 for just $5.


how to invest in penny stocks 2019 penny stock investing learn how to trade best penny stocks cheap stocks penny stock list 2019 included awesome trade alerts

  • Becoming a trader is quite challenging and it takes a lot of time before you actually start making reasonable money. Although MM sends out the signal, you can’t just pull out maximum profits in a few days. You have to establish long-term relationships here.
  • While receiving weekly alerts from MM, you are committed to following certain rules of the community. You must realize that weekly profits are never a good reason for you get emotional and strive to get more. Rememberemotions and greed can cause you to end up broke!
  • MM sends out alerts only by email and, albeit successful, it is still an open question as to why they have not activated SMS notifications yet. Living in a digital age, it isn’t too difficult to maintain constant access to your mailbox. However, day workers aren’t always able to keep a close eye on email notifications due to their busy schedules – hence all means of communications should be available.

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The Sum-up

how to invest in penny stocks 2019 penny stock investing learn how to trade best penny stocks cheap stocks penny stock list 2019 included awesome trade alerts

Trading with Microcap Millionaires for nearly 3 years has truly split up my trading carrier to before and after positions. In addition to the above, I must say it’s really hard to know whether a stock alert service you are using is a scam or genuine. When it comes to money, all you need to do is ride those bumpy roads to find out whether you will profit or lose. Definitely not the best way to learn due to costs! Most times, you have to do your own due-diligence which is a necessary process as it helps you find legit stock alert services.

Microcap Millionaires has been my first choice in penny stocks trading since 2016.  Of course, I thought that microcap investment was not worth it for numerous reasons. Fortunately, Matt has proven otherwise and become a great help to me during our common sessions. I am not instigating to sign up right away, but simply sharing my viewpoint/review on this service. By the way, the legitimacy of the service is truly justified by its membership duration. I joined the trade room in 2016 and have spoken to a guy who’s been successfully trading with Matt since 2010!

how to invest in penny stocks 2019 penny stock investing learn how to trade best penny stocks cheap stocks penny stock list 2019 included awesome trade alertsMicrocap Millionaires is a trustworthy newsletter that has rallied traders from all over the world to gain from market trends and maximize ROI dollars. Matt has an extensive knowledge in this field and always responds to client queries in a timely manner. He stresses the seriousness of everyday risk which all trades may encounter in this market. He doesn’t intend to hide out-of-the-market trades and flaunt only the winners. His achievement has evolved due to one simple rule – past success doesn’t guarantee future performance. Matt is confident in the alerts he gives out to MM subscribers and gladly welcomes everyone who would like to join his Penny Stock trading community.

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FAQs – all you need to know about Microcap Millionaires in 2020

How can I be sure that Microcap Millionaires is not a scam?

ANSWER: This is very unusual with stock alert services, but Matt has been in the game since 2008. Unlike other similar trade rooms, Matt’s Microcap Millionaires stands out form the rest due to one advantage – the quality of being honest. Matt states that all the signals he sends out come with a high accuracy ratio, but they can’t be proven by science – hence, days of downward trading can occur. By the way, don’t forget about the 60-day warranty with Microcap Millionaires. Try it out for yourself at no risk!

I don’t live in the US – am I still eligible to join in?

ANSWER: Yes, you are! However, please be informed that Matt primarily trades stocks in the US market. Therefore, it is best to open up an account with a broker having this option available for non-US residents so you can eventually add US penny stocks to your portfolio.

What payment means does Microcap Millionaires accept?

ANSWER: The company accepts widely known credit/debit cards and PayPal transfers. I usually pay with PayPal.

How can I get a FREE trial on the MM newsletter?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, there is no free trial on Matt’s penny stock newsletter. I have not seen one since my entry in 2016 to be honest. The regular price is just $97 – but you can get an introductory product (Stock Pick Report) for as low as $5.

Is there any internal forum for Microcap Millionaires clients? How do I know that Matt has given out a signal on time?

ANSWER: Yes, being a full time member gives you access to the MM forum where you can exchange information about markets, share ideas, setups and experiences with other penny stock traders. It’s actually a useful tool for newcomers as they can rely on the experience of pioneer users to build their own trading strategies.

When your email notification arrives – log onto your MM personal account and see what price is hovering around the one you received before. Whether it’s above or below the alert signal, you still have time to get in. If above – then just buy a 50% chunk of your original trade before the stock is gone. If below – get your limit order set and ready at the notification price. Trading penny stocks is that easy. Quite straightforward, isn’t it?

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It’s really worth it

“I’ve learned from past losses and now I am able to stay away from them and make big profits with penny stocks.” – That statement is one of many where Matt Morris explains why you should get a Microcap Millionaires newsletter. And he is 100% right!

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It all started six years ago when I went online to set up my own business, but all my attempts failed and led to devastating loss. My friends were telling me to stop dreaming about these fictional earnings and get back to a normal 9 to 5 job. With all due respect, I did not take it seriously, but ended up being completely broke. Furthermore, I returned to my parents’ house fully depressed.

I arrived to a place where I started to beg for food and pocket money. Frankly speaking, that was the hardest time in my life and I decided to go to work first and then do college. However, I was lucky enough to come across the Microcap Millionaires newsletter. I just purchased their $5 Hot Picks Report and realized that this might be the cure for all my financial problems. So I jumped in, chatted with a few professional users and received my first signal alert. Since then, I have become financially free and now I am even helping my parents to buy a new house. Microcap Millionaires is supporting me throughout every step in penny stock trading. You should definitely give this a chance!


Rod White

Delivered on time

Microcap Millionaires has really helped me to put my mind at ease and earn cash with not much of a struggle. I must admit, it’s more than just a regular stock alert service. With Matt’s assistance, you will be guaranteed an excellent trade performance like never before.

The MM system appears to be completely automatic and also fits with other programs. I have been using it for quite some time now and I have not encountered any technical errors so far. It’s highly ranked among the many users of the MM system.

Mark Lorson

One Last Word

Guys, just to clarify things on my review of this program – I am more than sure you will be 100% satisfied and thrilled with Microcap Millionaires by Matt Morris. His team is very good at picking hot stocks and the price really is worth it – just $97 per month!

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