Top 4 Penny Stocks to Watch for February 2020

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We have put 4 penny stocks on our watchlist for February 2020. These stocks were selected as per both the industry analysis and the stock performance. As you probably know we’ve been mostly investing in cannabis and medicine microcaps as we strongly believe they have potential to bite off a big chunk of market share going forward. (See also: How to invest in penny stocks in 2020)


top penny stocks in 2019 to watch trade and invest that will make big profits high return on investment in 2019

Aurora is a producer of medical cannabis. Founded in Canada it focuses on key segments such as genetics research, design and facility engineering, home cultivation, breeding cycles and wholesale/retail distribution.

With 211% YoY revenue growth, Aurora is continuing its global expansion. The stock has yet ranged out of the category under $5 and currently hovering around $7.70 after hitting an all-time high at $12.50 on October 15th 2018. It took a healthy pullback recovery since then and we expect an upward move after summer selloff. As you might see, Aurora isn’t a small-scale company as regards the Market Cap – over $6.6bn. Sales have been increasing constantly since Q3 2017. With that being sad along with steadily growing cannabis market across the North America in 2018, Aurora is a great stock to put your funds in. (For more: Best Penny stock alerts in February 2020)

  • Average volume: 2.54M
  • Market Cap: $7.767 billion
  • P/E Ratio: N/A
  • EPS: -$0.01
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top penny stocks in 2019 to watch trade and invest that will make big profits high return on investment in 2019

Immunoprecise is engaged in developing custom antibodies. Born in Canada it offers a wide range of products and IPA features services in the following areas: hybridoma development/sequencing, cryostorage and antibody generation.

Immunoprecise has reached tremendous results in annual revenue. Over 106% increase or $5.4 million as per fiscal year 2018 report. That is mainly due to purchase of U-Protein Express B.V. (“U-Protein”) and ModiQuest Research BV (“ModiQuest”). The stock is currently trading at $0.49 after hitting spring 2019 highs at $0.60.  We are looking for low-risk buying opportunities once the pullback is over. The potential of the stock is reliant on co-offering agreement with Harbour Antibodies Announce Technology to discover antibodies of next generation. (See also: How to trade stocks profitably?)

  • Average volume: 24.14K
  • Market Cap: $33.756 million
  • P/Ratio: N/A
  • EPS: -$0.080
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MJNA is a cannabis producer operating in the US market. The holding develops, sells and distributes products in the hemp market through its subsidiaries chain. The target audience of MJNA are cosmetics and pharmaceutics firms.

As a listed company on the OTC market, Medical Marijuana Inc. has revealed Q2 2018 as the biggest corporate quarter earnings of all time. The company itself with wholly owned subsidiaries made over $14.8 million or 40% increase compared to Q2 2017. Gross profits went up even further and more than doubled over 2017. In addition, MJNA to expand its business in Canada with well-known cannabis products amid fast growing market with over $4 billion in forecasted sales.

The stock price has reached new highs at $0.169 in January 2018 and gradually been decreasing and now trading around the $0.10 level. We are keeping a close eye on the stock with a potential breakout and following upward move.

  • Average volume: 7.15M
  • Market Cap: $321.24 million
  • P/Ratio: N/A
  • EPS: -$0.09
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CELZ is a biotech company aimed for clinical-staging model for Neurology and Urology. Through its own subsidiary, CELZ has discovered a stem cell, which is designed to cure erectile dysfunction for both males and females along with a plenty of other related issues.

With over $24.38 million of market cap, CELZ is currently hovering around the $0.03 mark. The YTD performance has showed tremendous 152% growth although balance sheet isn’t looking quite good to be honest. We reckon CELZ will improve amid development of the program for use to cure sexual dysfunction. At this stage, we are on the sideways until the company reports stable financials. Still on our watchlist as a worth following penny stock.

  • Average volume: 15.96M
  • Market Cap: $24.38 million
  • P/Ratio: N/A
  • EPS: -$0.06
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